La Fleur Law


“Catherine La Fleur is realistic and professional. She took my case in 2013. She helped me get in touch with local resources. She has a sense of foresight. She guided me through the healing process of an extremely sensitive divorce. She was honest and easy to communicate with. If I didn’t understand something; she explained it in the kindest of ways. She helped me look out for my child’s best interest, and we succeeded in doing so 02/05/2015. She will take your challenge! Accepting her guidance is worth every penny! Her results are worth the work and the wait!”

Kari Z.

“I have been fortunate to have utilized Catherine as mediator in several cases. In each of the matters, she has provided diligent, thorough, and cost-effective guidance. Specifically, I find that she does a great job of pushing both parties toward reasonable settlement terms, without being so aggressive as to cause the clients to withdrawal.”
Eric T.

“I was extremely lucky to have been referred to Cathy when I was recently in need of legal assistance. Her casual, yet professional style put me at ease from the very beginning. She was extremely responsive, timely, knowledgeable and trustworthy. It never felt like this was just a case for Cathy, I always felt like she really cared and had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Cathy and will certainly hire her again if the need ever arises.”
Cathy S.

“I was able to witness Catherine in action, as a jury member on a trial where she served as defense counsel. Her professionalism and expertise were evident from the start. She managed to present the extensive facts and witnesses clearly, and treated all parties with the utmost respect.”
Lisa B.

“Cathy is one of Milwaukee’s best defense lawyers. Honest, ethical and a worthy opponent in the courtroom.”
Jerry K.

“Catherine is a zealous advocate for her clients, yet always maintains the ability to work professionally with other attorneys. Her presentations to the Court are well-prepared and executed, accurate and insightful.”
Lisa B.

“I was a law student, fellow law clerk, colleague and litigation opponent of Cathy through the years. She is well-versed in the law and communicates her position well. She is tenacious on behalf of her clients and giving with her time to better the profession.”
Laurie M.

“Catherine is an exceptionally talented attorney who has a breath of legal experience, especially in litigation. She has the respect of her colleagues and adversaries. In addition to her private law practice she teaches a clinical trial practice course at Marquette Law School and has served wtih great distinction on State Bar Committees where she is likewise respected and her contributions greatly valued. As Chair of the Supreme Court Board of Bar Examiners, I am very pleased to have her services as a bar exam grader where her practice savvy is especially appreciated. She is an accomplished ‘can do’ person who leaves her mark ion every field of her endeavors.”
Jim M.

“Cathy is an aggressive litigator with common sense and a heart of gold! I highly recommend her work!”
Jean K.

“Catherine is an excellent attorney with a successful track record in a wide variety of issues in civil litigation and insurance coverage disputes. In addition to her work as an attorney, Catherine is a great educator, serving as a professor, as well as teaching me the ins and outs of law over the past year. She is a compassionate advocate and will work very hard for her clients.”
JoHannah T.

“Cathy is a forward thinker and get things done. Working with her as a fellow Board Member of Journey House, Cathy is a good committee member and executes effectively on initiatives. Fun to work with!
Thanks Cathy!”
Jim S.

“Catherine is a well qualified attorney who works with business clients to solve legal issues surrounding their business. Very trustworthy, Catherine looks for the best results and works closely with the client to achieve those results. I highly recommend her services, being well versed in the law and well disciplined in openly communicating with her clients.”
Nicholas L.

“While working for Catherine I had the opportunity to observe the true meaning of dedication, service, and integrity. Her character and work ethic has been a model for my own success. I highly recommend Catherine not only for her legal expertise, but also for her true dedication to her profession.”
Lance P.

“Catherine was the attorney for my sellers and was the most patient and kindest attorneys I have worked with in my real estate career. This was not an easy transaction, either emotionally or otherwise, but she showed considerable compassion to my sellers throughout the entire process. When your client comments to you directly about how touched they are by their attorney’s actions, that, to me, speaks volumes about that individual’s character and integrity.”
Peggy W.

“Cathy is someone who is detail oriented, thorough and fair. She is not afraid to fight the fight if necessary, yet is willing to compromise when it’s in the best interests of her client. We’ve worked together as counsel for co-defendants and as adversaries, and I greatly respect her honesty and diligence.”
Tom K.

“Catherine is exactly the kind of litigator who doesn’t waste time while reducing stress levels. She provides timely information, listens for understanding, stays on top of the issues, and pleasantly, but firmly, resolves issues satisfactorily.”
Salud G.

“I have known Catherine as a fellow attorney for many years. We currently serve together on the Wisconsin Judicial Council which is responsible for establishing policy in and promulgating procedural rules governing Wisconsin’s Judiciary. She is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable lawyer and I would not hesitate to retain her for any legal representation.”
Bill G.

“Catherine served on public boards to which I was legal counsel. She is always a quick study. She applies common sense to complex situations to achieve the best result for her client or constituency.”
Chris J.

“I had the good fortune of serving on the Marquettee University Law School Alumni Board during Cathy’s tenure as President. She was a credit to both the Law School and its Alumni in this position, having all of the qualities of a great leader. Beyond her leadership skills, she is the most plainly decent human being you could hope to meet.”
Rodney Carter

“Catherine is an experienced litigator who works extremely hard for her clients. She is highly regarded by the Wisconsin legal community, as evidenced by her nomination as a Wisconsin Superlawyer. In addition to her work on behalf of her clients, Catherine has also been very active in bar association activities, further demonstrating her dedication to the profession.”
Susan T.

“I have worked with Catherine for many years on a number of matters. She is a resourceful and intelligent attorney. She always strives to obtain the best result for her client and the most efficient manner possible.”
Monte W.

“Cathy La Fleur is an excellent attorney who is hardworking, dedicated and honest. In addition to her private practice, Cathy donates her time and talent to a number of boards and community service organizations. She also shares her litigation and appellate expertise with future members of the legal profession as an adjunct faculty member at Marquette University Law School. Any client who retains Cathy as their attorney will undoubtedly receive the best representation possible.”
Michael Phegley

“Catherine La Fleur is a wonderful legal scholar and advocate for her clients. She is also a very nice person! I have every confidence that you would be well represented if you hired Catherine.”
Jean K.